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JutsuOnline Beta Wiki

JutsuOnline- A Naruto MMORPG (Out Now)

JutsuOnline is a Naruto Inspired MMORPG where players can play as Konoha shinobi, choose from 11 bloodlines or decide to take a pure path like Gates.

There is only one realm available - Jiraiya aka the RP realm.

The RP realm will contain all of our roleplay features and roleplay is mandatory for players. The realm is looked after by the RP team who will host events, develop the WRP story(World Roleplay) and produce weekly newspapers amongst other things.

This Wiki is our one-stop shop for all information surrounding JO 2.5. In this Wiki you can find general game play information, access our lore, read up on guides and create your own character bio.

This Wiki is under continuing updates, so many of the pages have not be filled yet, we thank you for your patience as we continue to bring you up-to-date information. ~ Wiki Content Mods

Gameplay Guides

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Community-curated; this and the guides below will help you start your shinobi journey!

For even more information have a look at these great guides listed below!

Beginner's Guide Character Path Guidelines Progression Guide
Chunin Exam Combat System Village Ranks
Questlines Professions Hokage and Council Election System
Interface Guide Housing System Org Base System

Characters of JutsuOnline


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sunagakure has been closed as a playable village. Konoha remains open. Any player who already has a Suna character will be automatically transferred to Konoha on next log in. You will retain your village rank, gear, power level and progression but you will lose any special roles such as village council or Anbu. Puppeteers will have their talent points refunded for you to spend. Characters with summons will have their summons switched to the Konoha counter part. All Suna players will receive a rename and re-customisation. For more information please join our Discord community where our staff and community will be happy to help you. We look forward to seeing you in-game ~~ Chiara, Admin.